Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A wide range of minerals is essential for human health!

Magnesium is directly involved in 300 bodily functions, and is one of the most essential minerals to our wellbeing. It is directly involved in many of our bodily functions and processes.

A magnesium mineral deficiency may cause the following symptoms:

·Nervous anxiety 
·High blood pressure 
·Muscle weakness, cramps and spasms (this one is a definite sign of magnesium deficiency, possibly even calcium)
 · Premenstrual Syndrome 
·Hearth rhythm irregularities/ angina 
·Cravings for chocolate and caffeine (which also causes the body to lose more magnesium) ·Headaches and migraines 
·Stiff and aching muscles · Bones and joints that need continued chiropractic treatment ·Hypoglycemia ·Diabetes ·Nervousness
· Hyperactivity 
 ·Adrenal exhaustion/chronic fatigue syndrome 
·Exhaustion from exercise

Foods that are high in magnesium include kelp, raw almonds, whole grain cereals (especially buckwheat), broccoli, sesame seeds, blackstrap molasses and green peas. However, we need to have these foods on a regular, daily basis in order to obtain the recommended daily dose of 400 – 500mg from dietary sources, which is not always possible or convenient. In addition, if we exercise and sweat, we need extra magnesium (as well as other minerals) as we lose substantial amounts of minerals during sweating - particularly calcium and magnesium.

A wholesome diet with all the essential minerals, combined with exercise and regular chiropractic care can help you achieve optimal health and well being!

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